How to process a new application

Placing a new application is nice and straight forward, simply filling in the information where prompted as you go along. The first page you come to is picking the term of the loan and logging the Sales Representative that is entering the application onto the system. To add a sales representative select Create new sales representative. Once added they will be available to select from the drop down list. Select Next to continue.

Please Note: The patient needs to be on the application either as a main applicant or a joint.

Setup a proposal

Creating a new sales representative

Once you have selected Create new sales representative the following box will display. Fill in the listed details and select Create this representative.

Sales rep details

Set up proposal

This screen asks you to choose which product the customer wishes to proceed with.

  • Introduction method: Will default to 'Dealer Introduced'
  • Introducer: Will default to you
  • Campaign type: This is a drop-down list of all products that you can choose from. These are shown as the loan amount range followed by the term available for that range. For Example: £500-£3,999 12 months __% APR/£__fee
  • Sales representative: Your sales rep/case owner
Setup a proposal

Select Next to continue