Communicating through the portal

Zebra can communicate with your portal via the Messages section. Messages can be found on the bottom left of your screen as you work through the portal. Your message icon will flash and show how many messages you have waiting. The User messages box will display.

User Messages

Above you can see that Zebra have advised we have added verification checks to case 1507-311053.

You can send a message back to the underwriters using the Send a new message section underneath.

The valid from and to fields allow you to set how long the message will be visible to the recipient for This means if the message is not deleted, it will disappear from the recipients inbox when the message expires.

Select who to send to (Underwriters) from the drop down list and then type your note into the message field.

Please remember to put the application no. you are referring to in your message as we will only see what you have typed, and not the message before.