Asset details, Finance details and Finance Quotation

The asset type will be automatically set to No Asset and the purpose of loan will be auto-filled with Medical. Select Next to proceed.

Asset Details

Finance details

Here you will need to enter the loan amount in the Cash Price section. Select Next to continue.

Finance details<

Finance quotation

This screen shows all the financial details as they would show on the contract including any fees that apply to the agreement. On the right hand side is a smaller box which shows the customers' monthly payments. If there are admin fees included the first payment, this will show separately from their standard payment amount. The figures shown in this box are the figures you will need to quote to your applicants. The start date column is for illustration purposes only. Their loan will not start until the agreements have been signed and the treatment is due to take place. To proceed, select Next.

If the customer would like a quote for a different term or loan amount use Back and Next to navigate through the appropriate screens.

Please Note: Not all financial information shown here will be applicable to your business stream.

Finance quotation