Address summary

This page is where you enter the address history for your main applicant. You will need to provide at least 3 years in order to proceed to the next screen and also to assist with the credit checks we perform. The screen will show as below and to add an address select Add new.

Address summary

The screen shown below will display. The first address that you add in will be defaulted to the customers' current address.

You can search for the address by entering the post code only then selecting the Magnifying glass icon. This will bring up the address where you can select the customers' house name or number from. Select Use this address to import it over to the main page.

Complete the remainder of the fields and select Save. This will take you back to the address summary.

Address summary Lookup

To add an additional address

To add another address e.g. previous address or correspondence address, select Add New again. This time you will be able to select the type of address from the drop down list. Complete the screen as before and select Save. This will take you back to the summary screen which will now display as below. Keep adding addresses until you have at least 3 years address history then select Next to continue.

Address summary

If you try to proceed to the next screen without providing a full 3 years address history you will see an error message as below.

Error Message